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5th Wine Festival 2017-65.jpg

Browsing for past photos we came across the first festival. The “strip” then consisting only of one tapas restaurant, a lunch spot and our little wine shop, hungry too give you all a taste of the world of wines! Little did we know when we took those photos that it would grow to become so popular. We continuously strive to make it bigger and better for you each year, and this year is by no means different.


My Wines has also evolved to version 2.0 with our new head Chef Antonio Gutierrez who’s made his mark in Gib, exciting new menus updated every three months and new and exciting wines! Castello Solichiatta from Sicily (page 10), Ribera del Duero’s Lagar de Isilla and Aalto (page 20), new wines from Paul Mas, Coppola and your ever favourite, Scotto wines to name just a few.


This year we not only have live music from OLLI, Stream 52 and Afterhours, all hosted by the very talented team of No Limits Entertainment, but we also have with us at My Wines DJ Jona giving you dance beats wherever you may be along the strip. Prepare for some crazy music moves with a surprise guest!


We have one request, a big one...

From your family at My Wines we ask that you enjoy the Music, enjoy the BBQ, enjoy the company and of course go and discover our new wines alongside your old favourites!


Finally, a huge, huge thanks to our sponsors without whom this would still be a dream 🍷

Remember, drink responsibly!


Easily park at the ICC Car Park or at the new Mid-Town car park or  any of the adjacent parkings in the area.


Can't find us? Click on the map:


Wine Tasting by guest speakers:

Saturday 2nd September

Tuesday 5th September

Wednesday 6th September

Thursday 7th September

Details to follow soon



Help us make this a clean and accident free wine fest and please dispose of your wine cups, plates, etc. in the nearest bins.


Here's our first plan of the layout for the day so you can plan your day.

7th Wine Fest for Magazine centre spread
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